B. Gradia *****

I was sooooooo blessed to find your store on the recommendation of a new friend, as I am new to Hartford County. Praying you continue to prosper beyond what you could ever hope for or imagine! ~BJG 

V. Lewis *****

 This is a great Christian book store and cafe with great plans for the future if your in the market for a good Christian book or home decor they even have things for the car too which i find to be great so I would totally recommend this place to everyone I know 

J. Castro *****

 I will definitely return. The Owner is really nice. The potential that this Chrsitain book store has is phenomenal. 

A. Hartnangle *****

Great selection and cozy corner of the store just for reading! I am grateful that my husband and I found this place! 

A. Hoyt *****

Like everyone has already said, it is SO nice to finally have a local christian store with a little bit of everything. I love the owners vision and will support them all the way.
If your looking for a warm welcome, creative ideas to encourage your soul and ways to brighten peoples lives, you found the right place.
Cant wait to watch this place take off.
So much future potential! 

J. Judd *****

It's nice to have a book store in town.
They have great deals​.